04 January 2017

New Year in Paris | 2017

'Paris is always a good idea'. When I was looking for my 2017 holiday I somehow came across Paris and travelling there via the Eurostar. I thought, why not!? And booked Tom and I tickets to go over the New Year. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I saw the advert on skyscanner and had booked both the train and the hotel within 30 minutes.
I didn't intend on going away for the New Year but one of my resolutions is travel as much as possible and when I saw how cheap it would be, I thought it was irresistible, so booked Tom and I tickets to the beautiful city of Paris!
I love visiting cities, and we've decided that we should definitely do tours of all the big cities and places of interest in the world, whenever an opportunity arises. I'm glad I can record it all on here to remember where we've been and tell you about any hidden gems I come across.
Tom and I travelled to London the night before and stayed at a friends house who lives in Stratford. Our train was at 07:50 from St. Pancras Station which meant we only had to get up at 06:00 to leave at 06:30 ,rather than the 04:30 wake up call we would have had to have if we travelled from Derby.
We got the Eurostar to Paris which was exciting. I hadn't been on the Eurostar before but now I would definitely recommend it. I hadn't actually been to Paris before either. The Eurostar took just over two hours, which is incredibly quick compared to flying! You'd have to wait that long in the airport alone, never mind the flight! It really isn't a long or draining journey at all and I'll be looking at options to go to Belgium next.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Paris Gare de L'est, which was super convenient. As soon as you step out of the hotel you where at the Dare De L'est Metro and Train station meaning we could get around from A to B really quickly. 
The metro is easy to navigate around and just the same as the Tube back in London and we were less than 10 mins away from all the attractions.

I wasn't expecting the hotel to be as it was. I'd obviously seen the interior when booking but I must admit, it exceeded my expectations of a Holiday Inn. It was designed with geometric designs and bold colours. We had a purple room which you can see here and we're fortunate to have a big comfy bed and a bath (which I definitely made use of). Have a read about the here.

One of the things I really liked about Paris, is that the hotels aren't purpose built, they're all within the Parisian buildings. The architecture in Paris is phenomenal and reminded much of Barcelona.

We knew before we went that we were going to celebrate the NY on the Champs Elysee. We were a little worried we wouldn't find somewhere to eat without a reservation in the area but there was plenty of options. We decided to eat at the Fiat Café. It was a strange concept being a car branded restaurant, but it was a lovely meal none the less. I had a massive pizza and ate it all! I think after the 22,000 steps I had done that day I fully deserved it! During the meal, Tom and I wrote out our resolutions for the year which I'll write up into a blog post soon!

There must have been about 30-40,000 people turn up to stand and watch the light display and fireworks on the Arc De Triomphe. It was so amazing and definitely something we won't be forgetting anytime soon. I decided not to take my camera (hence the quality of the pictures) as I knew it was going to be busy and didn't want to risk it getting damaged or stolen. I'm super glad I didn't as on the metro back to our hotel, it was so so busy that it would have been crushed! I'm surprised we weren't to be honest!
We spent our weekend shopping and sight seeing. As it was our first time in Paris we decided to do all the touristy things. I'd love to go back again at some point and do the bits we didn't manage to get to and visit the little French district called Marais, which is a historic district in Paris that lots of people online recommend.

We had intended to go up the Montparnasse Tower to see the panoramic views of Paris, but as you can see from my pictures it was insanely foggy. There really wasn't any point in going up as you couldn't have seen anything.

Next you'll find lots of photographs, because I just took far too many and needed to show you all:

 A peak of the Sacré-Cœur! It was spectacular in the night and was beautiful looking at it from down here. This is number one on the to-do list when we revisit.
We were in Sephora for over and hour and I was walking around with a massive grin on my face. 
I think Tom even secretly liked it ha! He loves hunting down a product I'm looking for. Good boyfriend or what!
I can't wait to show you a haul of all of the things that I bought. We also found a Sephora in the station opposite our hotel. It was like fate, so we of course, also went into that store.
This café was on the Champs Elysee and was one of my favourite lunch time spots. When you walk past somewhere that's busy, you always know it's going to be a good place to eat and worth a wait!
I had a salted crepe with mushrooms and cheese inside. It was served with a side salad and I can honestly say it was one of the nicest, unusual thing I have ever had! It was lovely and I'm looking forward to my next non-sweet crepe already!
 Tom and I had the most wonderful time in Paris and looking forward to visiting again. I think we will have to go in the summer as this time it was super super cold and we were a bit unfortunate with the weather being so foggy! There is so many things to do in the city and we didn't manage to get to them all in three days so another visit is a must!
Hope you all had fabulous new year! Here's to positive, healthy and fun 2017... let's make it a gooden! 

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