24 December 2016


Hello hello hello! 2016 has been a crazy year, filled with ups, downs, excitement, tears, you name it, the year had it. This post is a reflection of celebrating the opportunities, feeling grateful for them and talking through some highlights, high and low, as well as setting myself some goals for the future ahead.

I'm not going to lie but for the majority of the first 3 months of 2016 were some of the toughest, mentally and physically. There was a few outcomes of the event (that I will not mention again on my blog from this point onwards!) though which were positive. The main one being and the one thing I'm most thankful for this year, is a friendship I made after working in some intense situations, over what felt like months and months. 

Looking back on mine and Courteney's text / FB / email history you'd be surprised we were both still alive, never mind still mentally sane and still working together. We got through some tough times together this years and have formed what is sort of a sisterly friendship since. I absolutely love her and hope she knows it.

When I landed back into the UK, I was brought back to my gorgeous new house and was reunited with my Tomo. I'd missed our 4 year anniversary while I was away so left him a blog post behind for him instead. Soppppyyyy! I can't believe next year will be FIVE YEARS! seriously, it's MAD!

Back to point one though, we moved into our first house together and we have been so happy here since we moved in. You can read my posts about moving herehere and here.

June welcomed a much needed holiday. We went to Tenerife and it was a lovely short break for us both. You can see my posts here and here. I wouldn't mind another holiday.... (hehe, I'm going to Paris on the 31st for NYE!)

August was a BUSY one and I had to recap the whole month here, because it was just that busy! 

I went to my first festival, V festival, which was absolutely cray-cray, visited friends all over the country and also went on a long weekend to Dublin with the uni gang.

I also got to visit York, which is now one of my all time favourite cities (you can read all about my trip here and my afternoon experience at Bettys here)

In September, I made the move into a new role at work. I think I needed a new challenge and direction and I'm pleased I've done it as it's refreshing to be doing something new and different. I'm enjoying it so far so lets see what the future holds! 

Towards the end of this year I've been filling the house up with decor and started making my own prints! I love the digital prints you can buy but they're so expensive I just thought, I'm sure I could make it myself and WA-LAA! I'm pretty chuffed with them and think they turned out quite well. Here is the one in my dressing room: 

I also got to go to Belfast with mum which you can read here and now we're here on Christmas eve!

All of mine and Toms family are here (minus his sister, who lives in AUS) and we're all very much looking forward to Christmas day tomorrow.

2016 truly was my year of 'setteling' and I feel more like an adult day by day (Yes I know I'm 24 lol but I still like to think I'm 17). I've visited so many places and feel like I was lucky enough to land some really exciting opportunities.

There has been a lot of things which I haven't mentioned on this blog. Times do get tough sometimes but it's life. I just want to keep this as much of a positive platform I can and a place to share my creativity.

In 2017, I hope to travel more, make a difference and grow as an individual. I am aiming to do at least 1 post a week and develop my photography skills a little more. I'm enjoying it but want to find some sort of angle to my them interesting. I want to spend more time with Tom, my friends and family and smile more! 

What are your highlights of 2016? 
Here's to 2017! Let's make it a gooden.


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